Auto Mechanic Vs Electrician

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Auto Mechanic Vs Electrician. It has several interlinked parts working together in sync to keep it running. Salaries are good for this career too, and they reflect the amount of specialized training needed.

Auto Electrical Archives Enerstrat
Auto Electrical Archives Enerstrat from

Auto mechanics specifically focus on the systems in automobiles while electricians repair and maintain electrical systems. According to the bureau of labor statistics, the predicted growth for electrical technicians from 2019 to 2029 is 2%, while in that same time electrician roles are predicted to. Electricians earn $54,110 per year on average, while mechanics make $39,550.

The car is a complex machine.

You need critical thinking and mechanical aptitude to troubleshoot and make things work. These organizations use the term automotive technician as opposed to auto mechanic. Auto electricians now must learn new info and components found in the high voltage systems of electric vehicles. In my experience i think that auto electric is more advantageous.